Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

Brad and I made it back to Rexburg this evening safe and sound. I wasn't so sure we would make it home without a wreck because the roads were so bad, but it ended up being okay.
I'm not gonna lie, I love the snow, it just hit so fast and so much that I was taken aback. Brad and I had bridal photos on Saturday and I thought we were going to freeze in that blizzard!!! We probably got 6 inches in Salt Lake that morning! SCARY
I just keep praying that the roads clear up and everything is okay for those traveling down next week for the wedding! Especially my family because they have to drive from Michigan. I know everything will be fine, I just can't help but to worry.
The weddinging is next weekend! I can't believe it!I seriously can't believe it's already here...I thought time was moving so SLOW but now I am like woah!

Brad and I got our marriage lisence today :) yay This is all really happening :)

Friday, December 12, 2008


The semester is FINALLY over :)
I am so happy, I can finally realax and just focus on getting excited for the wedding!!!! 15 more days!
SO I think for the first time since I got to college I am going to have all A's HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN? I was sick for 2 weeks and missed all that school, plus I have been planning a wedding. Holy Crap I am not sure how my life did that!!

Tommorow morning I pick up my wedding dress :) amazizing I can't believe it's only two weeks away! I am so stinking excited and so ready to marry the most amazing person on this planet yahooooooooooooooooooooo

Monday, December 8, 2008


I feel like I got a lot done today, which is good. I am still way behind where I would like to be but atleast I am getting something done, ya know.
I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything I need to do. Really I just can't wait until this week is over.

I have been really needy lately and I am not sur why. Poor Brad must be so confused because this is very unlike me. I am usually much more independent than this. It is the strangest thing, I just can't stand for him to leave me. He sits there bored out of his mind while I do homework just because if he gets up to go I wine for him to stay in spend time with me. I really need to stop acting like that because it is utterly rediculous.
I can't wait until we are married and he never has to leave at night. That will be nice.

I am extremly sleep deprived. Maybe thats my problem. Who knows.

4 more days left and then I can relax and focus on what's important right now...the wedding!

Maria Maria

I know, two posts in one night, but I can't sleep so here's a little game I stole from Collyn's blog :

Put your iTunes on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing the game as well as the person you got the note from.

"Time and Confusion"- Anberlin

"The New Year"- Death Cab for Cutie

"Hateful" - The Clash

"Undercover of the Night"- The Rolling Stones

"apathetic"- Mad Caddies

"The District sleeps alone tonight"- postal service

"Welcome Home" - Coheed and Cambria

WHAT IS 2+2?
"Track 6" -Silverstein

"Tango: Maureen" - Rent soundtrack


"Someday you will be loved" -Death Cab for Cutie

"She's got issues"- The offspring

"Losing Keys"- Jack Johnson

"Farther" -Third Eye Blind

"Photographs" -The Faint

"Amber Changing"- Rise Against

"Creapin up the backstairs" - Fratellis

"Big Crash"- Less than Jake

"Lady in a Blue Dress"- Senses Fail

"Light Show"- 1208

"Linoleum" -NoFX

"Oustider" -The Ramones

"You're crashing, but you're no wave"- Fall Out Boy

"Hollywood" -UVR

"Zoom"- Young Joc

"Celebrator" The blood Brothers

"Bodies" -Drowning Pool

"Shoot from the Hip"- A change of Pace

"Maria Maria" - Santana

hmm... some of them were kinda interesting...I think my shuffel is lame because out of like 5,000 songs it repeatedly takes the same artists...weird.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

So close yet so far away

I am starting to get so anxious for the wedding! Less than 3 weeks until Brad and I get married :)
I can't even begin to explain my excitement!! I just feel like it is so far away with finals week this week.
I am exahsted and can't wait until the week is over, seriously, I need a semester off!
I have been listening to a Christmas station on Pandora for like a week straight and it is getting me so pumped for Chrsitmas! Even if this is going to be a different Christmas, I can't wait to see my family and spend this amazing holiday with Brad! By the time New Year's roles around we will be happily married and on our honeymoon :D

I am gonna brag for a second, I have the BEST fiance in the WHOLE world! Today he sat there for a couple hours finding and printing off articles for my resource file project! How sweet is that! It saved me soooo much time and really took a load of stress off. He is always doing sweet little things like that! I am so lucky that he is going to be my husband :)

Well, I am off to bed. I gotta get up early to get some more homework done. Ugh.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rexburg Gets a Pool

At the Rexburg city council meeting on December 3rd plans were discussed more in depth for the Rexburg Outdoor Aquatic Center.
When Mayor Shawn Larsen was re elected in 2007, one of his campaign promises was to look into a community pool and recreational area. Now, this dream for many Rexburg citizens is coming to pass.
The Rexburg Urban Renewal Agency (URA), which operates under the Rexburg Redevelopment Agency (RRA), has been discussing and finalizing plans for the upcoming Rexburg Outdoor Aquatic Center according to a presentation given by John Webber, an agency member, at city council. The aquatic center is going to feature an outdoor pool open for use by Rexburg citizens. The center will also eventually have a recreational area with soccer and baseball fields.
Steven Zollinger, the city attorney, explained in a little more depth the upcoming plans. The Rexburg Outdoor Aquatic Center will be built on land located at 2nd N. and Center Street which is currently used by Zollinger Construction. The RRA has purposed a trade with Zollinger Construction for a piece of property a few streets over and of equal square footage. The purpose for the trade would be for easy public access and for use of the building that the construction company has on the property for the parks department and for maintenance purposes.[see below diagram] The land is also surrounded by other city owned properties that will be combined in the creation of the aquatic center. The RRA is confident that Zollinger Construction will agree to this trade of property.

The URA and Inland Public Properties, a company out of Texas, have been developing a contract for the construction of the aquatic center. No official contract has been reached at this time but they are hoping to reach an agreement within the next month after the city council vote on the term sheet. If this contract is established soon, construction could begin as early as this coming spring.
In order to speed the process along, council member Chris Mann made a motion to vote in favor of the exchange of property and to have a vote on the term sheet presented by John Webber. The motion was second by council member Adam Stout and every council member, excluding Council member Woodland who was not present, voted in favor of both the exchange and the terms.
The RRA and URA will continue to develop a contact with Inland Public Properties and plans should be finalized in upcoming city council meetings.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back in the Burg

Brad and I made our long trek home and we are now back in Rexburg until the wedding.
I was a really great holiday! I was so happy my Dad flew Brad and I out and it was wonderful to be able to see family, both his and mine.
The week went well and Brad fell into the family like he had been there forever which made me really happy. I was also able to take it easy and continue to heal. I feel so grateful to feel so much better. I am even going back to school tommorow thank goodness!
I have been doing homework all day, and I am sure that's how it will be for the next couple weeks until school is over. Crazy, only two weeks! WOHOOOOOO
Brad and I are both getting so excited for the wedding. I can't believe it's almost here. 27 days left :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So today is Thanksgiving of course and I am very grateful for the things in my life today.
This year has been exceptionally good. I was blessed enough to meet Brad, I am doing really well in school, I got my scholarship renewed for another year. My family is amazing and well and everyone has a job. Brad gets along really well with my family and I love his!
Right now I am especially grateful for health. After being so sick for the last couple weeks, regaining my strength and feeling a little better every day is one of the biggest blessing ever.
I am so grateful for Brad and how wonderful he is to me. I am so excited to get married next month :)
I am also grateful that both of my families in Washington and Michigan as well as Brad's family are all blessed to have jobs right now in these scary times.
I am grateful to live in this country with the freedoms I enjoy and to have had the opportunity to vote earlier this month.
Overall i am just so grateful for my life and all that I am have been given and I feel extremly blessed.
Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Brad and I are off to enjoy good food and great company :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Off to Washington

So tommorow morning Brad and I begin our journey to Washington. We have to first drive to Boise and then we will fly out to Seattle from there.
I feel so blessed that I have gotten better fast enough that this little trip isn't going to kill me. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to go because the doctors were a little weary about me traveling, but I got the all clear to go yesterday.
I have to take it really easy but I don't think that will be too hard...
I don't think Brad understands how much this trip means to me. This is the final tie that needs to be made before the wedding. I need him to meet the rest of my family and I am praying it will go well. I know it will I just really really want this to be prefect because this is my family and Brad is going to be my family and I want these important people in my life to love eachother when we get married!
I am really excited :) I just know they are going to love Brad and with an open mind Brad will love them too!!!
Again, I am so grateful my body decided to get enough strength that this trip is even possible. I can't wait.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grateful for my Angels

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express how entirely grateful I am for the wonderful angels I have been blessed with in my life.
My roomate Ashleigh, and my sweetheart Brad.
These two have been my everything for the past week. If one has to leave my side they make sure the other is there to be with me. They both stayed at the hospital all night next to me combatting uncomfortable chairs to make sure I was okay.
I couldn't appreciate them more!!!
Brad is there for emotional support and comfort. He keeps me entertained and makes sure I am okay at all hours of the day, even texting Ashliegh all night to make sure that I am telling the truth and I am really okay. He also has been in charge of calling my family and bishopric to keep everyone updated and assured that I am alright.
Ashleigh has been my little nurse. She cleans and sterilizes everything I am in contact with and makes sure no germs come near me. She feeds me and makes me take my medicine as well as helps me to the bathroom and the shower when I need to be there. She makes sure that every little detail is paid attention to that I am 100% comfortable all the time, even waking up every few hours to check on me.
I don't know what I would have done without either of them! I feel so so blessed to have them both in my life they are absolutly amazing!!! Like I have said, they are my angeles :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

hospital visit OVER

So I am home from my 2nd stay in the hospital this week. This was the last I am sure because I can feel the strength returning and the pain leaving. I am hooked up to a catheter right now which is quite disgusting but maked things so much easier and less painful for me!
I will be so happy when this is all over. I have now had about 16 different blood tests, another 6 culture tests and lots of IV's and pain meds.
They tell me that we should be over the hump and moving toward recovery. I think that it is true because I can physically feel the strength returning and I am handeling the pain much easier now.
I think I will be making it to Washington this weeked after all! YAY :)
This has been a terrible time, but I am sure a wounderful learning experience and I am greatful for whatever it is teaching me...

Thanks for all of those that I know have been praying for me, visiting me, calling me, and keeping me your thoughts. This is almost over.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


SO the wedding is just about planned and ready to roll. I have my final dress fitting today and Brad and I bought his suit last night. He looked really sharp! I am so excited it's only 6 weeks away, but it seems the closer to the wedding I get, the sicker I get. This week I have developed just about every minor sickness known to man. This morning I had a migrane, I am running a temperature, I have a rash, I am sore in all of my joints...just plain SICK.
I know I will get better soon it's just frustrating. nothing will keep me down from the excitement of this wedding though!!1

Thursday, November 6, 2008

City Council Denies Prayer

In the past month or so, I have been attending the Rexburg City Council. I had never been to a city council before so this is kind of a fun opportunity to see the inner working of government in a small town.
To start off, after the Pledge of Allegiance and a roll call of Council Members, the person conducting the council for that night will invite any public attendee to present an issue that was not scheduled on the agenda for the night.
On this particular night a man, most likely in his 40’s and still dressed in workers clothes, confidently stood up to present his issue. The man, whose name I did not catch, began to speak.
“Council members, I have noticed that we do not start out city council with a prayer. It is my understanding that it is up to each individual council to determine whether we are to pray or not.”
The council members nodded that he was correct and the man proceeded.
“I looked into this and found that other city councils in the state begin their meetings with a prayer, and I thought because we claim to be “America’s Family Community” it would only be fitting,” the man looked to the council for approval and took their silence as invitation to continue.
“Often times things are discussed here that get heated, and I think that it would make things a little more comfortable and calm if we could start with a prayer.”
The council took this information in for a moment and then the conducting Council Member told the man that this issue was debated some time ago and they came to the agreement not to begin the meeting with a prayer. The man then asked if it was possible to reconsider and the council politely told him no. The man sat down looking disappointed and defeated.
He brings up a couple good points. Rexburg is known as “America’s Family Community” and a prayer might make things less contentious, but the council made their decision without second thought.
According to prayer was establish as constitutional in 1983.
“In Marsh v. Chambers, 463 U.S. 783 (1983), the Court held that a state legislature’s practice of opening each legislative day with a prayer performed by a state-selected and paid chaplain did not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Rather than examining the case under the usual Establishment Clause framework, the Court looked to the history of the use of prayer before legislative sessions, in both the state and federal systems, and relied on this history when finding these prayers to be constitutional.”
In research I found that the man’s claim that prayers are offered before City Council meetings in many other city councils was true. Nationwide City Councils begin their meeting with a prayer. No one is forced to participate, but it is said for anyone who would like to take part.
I wonder why the City Council didn’t even give the man’s request second thought. It seemed like a like a legitimate request to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and another stolen quiz

What These Sunflowers Say About You

You are a truly warm person with amazing bursts of energy.

You bring happiness to everyone around you, and you are adored by many.

You're bright, bold, and cheery. You nourish friends you with your optimism.

You can rise to the occasion whenever you are needed. You have boundless enthusiasm.

Stole these quizzes from Amy...

You Are a Red Crayon

Your world is colored with bright, vivid, wild colors.

You have a deep, complex personality - and you are always expressing something about yourself.

Bold and dominant, you are a natural leader. You have an energy that is intense... and sometimes overwhelming.

Your reaction to everything tends to be strong. You are the master of love-hate relationships.

Your color wheel opposite is green. Green people are way too mellow to understand what drives your energy.

Long Time No See

It's been quite some time since I updated so I thought I might jus write a little something something.
Life has been pretty crazy bust latley, Brad and I have both been sick and other than that I have just been running from school to Scroll and trying to get things done and still have time for a life. It's a literal juggling act.
I just started abn exercise class. I hurt. I didn't realize how incredibly out of shape I am but today, day four, I can't walk my calves are so sore! Yes, I know I am a wimp, but oh well. If this class doesn't get me in shape I seriously don't know what will!
In other news, the weather is absolutly beautiful! I can't get over what a lovely fall this is. The leaves are beaudtiful the breeze is warm and the sun is shining. Just the way fall should be :)

So I have lost my eyelashes again. This is really getting frustrating! This is the third time in the past year they have fallen out...strange. So in order to not have bald eyes for my wedding, I have been experimenting with alternative forms of eyelashes. I tried the full fake lashes but Brad hates them! He says they make me look like a druggie, so now I have these individual eyelashes that cover up the bald spots and they seem to be working alright.
If you have any sugesstions please let me know!!!!! Thanks :)

Well I have nothing else to say except HALLOWEEN IS IN 2 DAYS!!! YAY :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quote for the Day

This is my little thought or quote for the day. My mom sent this to me in an emial and I love it because this is how I want to be:

Powerful Women's Motto:

Live your life in such a way
that when your feet
hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders & says...
"Oh darn....she's awake!!!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thoughts on 日本

So right now I am writing a speech for a class I am taking I have decided to pick the topic of Studying Abroad. Writing this speech has caused me to reflect on a couple things

1. Why is it that Americans are so prejudice and naive in general when it comes to other cultures? I look at the world around me and I can't help to be astounded by the hate I see. It really saddens me. From my experience, our culture difference are something to be celebrated because it makes us unique. I see people different than me as interesting and an opportunity to learn. I think people are missing out on how much we can really get out of each other. Could you imagine a world were we all just grew from each other instead of worrying about where we are from, the color of our skin and the language we speak, or our differences in politics? I think it would be a pretty neat place.

2. I have also been reflecting on my opportunity to study abroad when I was younger. For those who don't know, I went to Japan the summer before my Junior year as a 15 year old. It has truly been the single most influential experience of my life. I think of how different my life would have been if I hadn't of gone. Not only did I learn so much and gain so much respect for the Japanese people/culture and other cultures in general, but I learned the most about myself. I left America a troubled teenager without any faith, hope, or understanding of who I was or what I was going to do with my life. I came back a different person. I learned that we are all children of our Heavenly Father and I learned how much he loves us...and how much he loves me, something I never grasped. I learned to rely on my faith and truly seek for answers and guidance. I came back with a realization that the person I was pretending to be prior was not me at all, but an impostor in my body. I returned with confidence, a new view of the world, a renewed faith in God and Christ, and for the first time a plan. Not just any plan, but a path that I was going to take in my life, and let me tell you it was sure different than the one I had been on.
I often reflect on those days spent walking alone on the crowded streets of Tokyo and things that I was able to ponder and learn while I was there.

Studying abroad was the biggest blessing I have ever had in my life, and it virtually saved my life. Who would have guessed that it would take a foreign country for me to figure myself out... I guess I am just that hard headed :) Studying abroad gave me the strength to become better than I was, to become what I had deep inside of me.
Someday I would love to return to that place! 私は日本を愛する (I love Japan)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am Blessed!

I just wanted to say how blessed I am. I have been stressed about everything lately: school, working, money, the wedding, EVERYTHING! Even my car has been having problems, the light stopped working in the dash. I was feeling so down and overwhelmed and I think Heavenly Father saw that.
On Wednesday Brad put his car up for sale, in less than 24 hours it was sold :)
We decided on Friday to go down to Idaho Falls to deposit the $600 in cash he made from his car, and for me to get my ring soldered. Brads bank was closed by the time we got there so we stopped in this matress store to look around. Next door was Down East Outfitters and they had furniture outside, I thought they only sold clothes so we went to check it out. Not only did they have furniture but they had a HUGE anniversary sale going on.
Brad saw a couch that was huge, it's called the mammoth couch, and went to check it out. I figured it would be like $2,000 but it turns out it was on sale, and then half off the sale price due to a bent frame and only cost $400!! The origional price was $1,400. After a little mental debating we decided that that was an amazing offer and we were going to buy it. The couch is 8 feet long and the width of a twin sized bed ie it's gigantic :)While heading to the check out a beautiful black metal frame sleigh bed caught my eye...I checked the price and saw it was $199 marked down from $600! The lady working there noticed me checking out the bed and asked me if I wanted it too. I explained the other bed I was looking at was cheaper so probably not and then Brad boldly told her if she would throw the ottoman that goes with the couch in for free would get bed. She thought for a minute and then decided to take our deal.
Overall, we got a couch, a bed, and an ottoman for $650....when they were worth $2,250. Amazing huh? Not only did we have $650 in cash with us but then they offered to store it all in a warehouse for us until after the wedding for free!!! Best day ever!

Then on the way home, my dash lights (that haven't been working for two weeks and would be expensive to fix) magically turned on! It was a wonderful night and I feel so absolutly blessed! Someone above is looking out for Brad and I :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Planning!

So there has been a lot of excitement lately with wedding planning. I am pretty close to be finished with everything, which makes me happy!
I paid for the can check him out at He was a really chill and cool guy so that's a relief.
We also found the shoes that I am having the girls wear, and we got a sweet deal. Here is a picture of the pumps, there are identical flats as well:

I also bought the ties. Brad picked them out, he was very specific, he wanted red paisley. Do you know how hard it is to find red paisley ties? I have been looking forever! Here are the ones I bought:And for the part I am most excited for....I found the bouquet I want! I sent the design to Brown Florists in Holladay, Utah and they are working on making it. They are also doing the corsages and boutonnieres. I think my bouquet will be absolutly beautiful and classic so I am happy:
It has been a really exciting process and now the only thing we have left to do are Brad's suit and invitations :)
So I had the brilliant idea that Brad sell his car and just share with me (i dont use it durring the day) and then he doesnt have to pay insurance and we can put the money toward a bed for the apartment! Well I made a craiglist listing last night and within an hour someone called and came and looked at the car. I think the guy is going to buy it today! Yay! Things are really just coming together in our lives.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

This was such a great weekend! Brad and I went down to Utah for conference and to do some weeding planning and we stayed with my Grandma. It was so chill and fun. We went to dinner on Saturday after conference with about 30 of my family members at the Old Spegetti Factory. It was really nice, then Brad went to the priesthood session with the boys and I went with the women to watch a movie. Sunday we watched confrence and then between sessions went to my Uncle Ricks for dinner where more of the family was. That was nice too. Afterward we played card games with my grandma.
It was just so nice to not have an agenda and just spend time with my extended family and my grandma. I really enjoy being around them and I love how they all interact with Brad. I am so excited to have him be a part of my family!!!!
Today we shopped until we dropped (literally). Brad bought a bunch of new clothes, which I picked out :), and he is going to look soooo good and classy!
Spending a full weekend with Brad 24 hours a day makes me so excited to be with him for eternity! We have so much fun together and I don't think I am bored for a second! I really do love him so much and I wish that this three months would go by quicker so we can be together forever and not have to leave eachother. It makes me so happy to think about.
Now I am home and back in the real world, it's time to buckle down and get back into school and Scroll. fun fun...not.

The countdown begins: 11 weeks and 5 days

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am getting really sick of being sick. I know I have never been the healthiest girl in the world, but I have also never been quite this sickly. It seems like no matter what I do, or how careful I eat, or how much sleep I get, I am still sicker than the day before when everything is said and done.
I woke up at 6 this mornign feeling like I was going to die, not able to even roll over on my side. This continued until about 10 this morning when I got the courage to take some advil.
I feel terrible for my roomate and Brad especially because I feel like they are constantly having to wait on me and nurse me back to health! I hate that.
Brad was so sweet this morning, he showed up, knowing that I was sick, with a beautiful rose and some chocolate soy milk. I don't know what I would do without him :)
I am really hoping that this sickness passes soon because I need to be healthy for my weekend in Utah. I have been looking forward to this weekend for the past month and I think it will be just the ticket to my recovery.
I just keep telling myself that tommorow I will wake up and feel wonderful. Mind of matter right? Ugh

On a lighter note, Halloween is coming! YAY. I love Halloween and I am so excited for my favorite holiday of gjosts, goblins, and costumes to approach!
Is it strange that my favorite holiday is the one centered around satanic things? hmmmm.... thats a scary thought. Oh well, I am excited nonetheless.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning!

Today is a great day. Why you may ask? To tell you the truth, I really don't now!
I woke up at 7:47 wide awake and happy, yes I said it happy. For those who have seen me in the morning, you know I am generally not a happy person until about noon.
I got up, went to work just to find out there was no work to do and then walked to the bagel place to get breakfast for my two favorite people: my fiance and my roomate :)

Now I am just sitting here waiting for class to start and I know it is going to be a great day! I think I will have to do wonderful things today just to ensure that it is indeed a good, productive day.
Oh and just as a sidenote, it is going to be 80 degrees today and it is already absolutly glorious outside, high 50's and sunny, nothing better! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rexburg's Finest

So Wednesday I did a police ride along with Sargent Schmitt of the Rexburg Police Department. I was honestly not really looking forward to the assignment but it ended up being a lot more fun then I had expected.
First I was shown around the little police station. It was actually kind of cute in a small town (and very Mormon) kind of way. All of the officers had pictures of their adorable little families on their desks and everyone was extremely friendly.
Sargent Shmitt said they had had a very busy night with the plane crash at the Rexburg Airport and two pedestrians being hit on Main street. He's in charge of doing the crime scene reconstruction to determine the speed of the car involved and the angles of the hit and what have you. He showed me his computer program that he does it on. It was pretty cool, and very CSI-esk just on a much lower budget!
After a tour of the station we went out on the streets for patrolling. I must say for such a small town, they sure get hooked up with cars! He was driving a brand new DODGE CHARGER! It was so pimped out on the inside to with all of the cameras and computers and sweet gadgets, I was quite impressed. He said as of now they have two of them but they just ordered a couple more.
Some Background on Sargent Shmitt:
Sargent Shmitt is one of two Sargent's on the Rexburg Police Force. He grew up in Sugar City and then moved to Rexburg after he was married. He has been an officer for 14 years. Spending some of that time working for the county. He loves Rexburg. He says he wouldn't trade living in a small town like this for anything because it is one of the best places to raise a family. When asked what the weirdest thing hes ever seen was he replied "I once got called in to check out a scene where a man had dressed all in women's clothing and make up and then hung himself." (which kind of freaks me out)
If I were to have someone pull me over in Rexburg I would rather it be him because he claims he doesn't really write tickets. "I used to write a ton of them when I was younger, but I guess in my old age I just find it easier to reason with people. Most of the time that works fine." According to Sargent Shmitt, if they aren't nice, the chief firers them because in a small town like Rexburg the officers are expected to be nice! Good to know...
Most of our time was spent just driving around and chatting. He explained that it is hard to be an officer in Rexburg at times because you have to deal so much with people and kids from your ward and hear all of the gossip. He says that can be sad, which I can only imagine. He also told me that there is a lot of "good-ol-boy" type of stuff that goes down here. For those who don't know what that is, it is when police are hush hush about things or don't write something up because it is their old friend or neighbor. Goes to show corruption even exists in the country's "family neighborhood" as Rexburg calls itself.
My ride along ended with one pull over (no ticket) and a harassment call, which Sargent Shmitt says was probably a lie anyways because supposedly the lady who made the call is a drama queen. As he dropped me off he was headed to go find out some information about a fugitive that may be living with an employee at the Dollar Tree.
Overall I learned a lot about Rexburg and what goes on when we aren't looking. Just like any other town there are a lot of drug problems. I also found it that robbery is really bad here! A guy was found trying to break into a girls apartment earlier this week (they never caught him...scary) and there was even a bank robbery a couple years ago! The most interesting thing though that I found out was that campus police are going to be no longer. Turns out it is illegal to have them in the first place because they are church paid and by law "No private company can have its own police force." The campus police had been overstepping their boundaries by enforcing the honercode as well, which happens to be illegal. I found that all very interesting.
I wouldn't mind doing a ride along again someday. It is a pretty cool way to learn more about the ins and the outs of the town, and it honestly gave me a little more respect for police officers here themselves.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, today Ashleigh and I went dress shopping. I re-tried on the two dresses that I had previously put on and then the girl ( named Britney) who was helping me had me try on a dress just to check my sizes, I didn't think I would like that dress at all, but the emotion was quite the opposite! I LOVED it! It is seriously beautiful and Ashleigh agreed saying it was "stunning."
They even threw in a veil for free and a rhinestone tiara at %10 off. Then they gave me a 10% discount for getting the full package! I was sold :) Heres the front and back...sorry for bad picture quality its a camera phone and I was making a weird face
I put my downpayment down, and scheduled my alteration time and now I have myself a beautiful dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad and I also registered for Bed Bath & Beyond today and I contacted some photographers.
One lady told me she was already booked but she was soo nice about it and even emailed me a list of other photographers, florists, decorators, and bakers! She was the sweetest lady!
I also bought Brad's ring today and I am getting it engraved on the inside.... I cant write what it will say though in case he reads this because it's a surprise! Here's his ring:

Overall it was a very productive day :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back at School

So I am back in Rexburg again and it feels wierd to be here again. My apartments pretty nice so thats cool but I am still unpacking. My schedule seems pretty sweet too so I am psyched about that!
Brad and I have been doing a lot of planning and prep stuff. We have been looking for a car and today we filled out a contract to live in Cougar Court! Exciting :)
I am just so excited to get married...but it feels like ages away

Monday, September 1, 2008


So the best thing that has ever happened to me happened saturday evening in Port Townsend, WA...Brad proposed!
It was amazing, just like something you would see on a movie except better. We took a walk on the beach and then we climbed up this big sand cliff because he told me there was something he wanted to show me. At the top was a little cave like cut out from the cliff. It was curtained with hanging ivy from above us and looked out over the ocean and puget sound. It was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Then he held my hand and pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to spend eternity with him! Of course I said yes! He also gave me an adorable card that told me how he felt! It was beyond my wildest expectations!
Lauren took a lot of engagement pictures at Port Townsend. Here are some. Amy also did a few when we got back to Seattle.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So the week with Brad in Michigan has come and gone and it was a lot of fun! My family absolutly loved him just like I knew they would :) I will put some pictures up once I get them from my mom.
We are now in Washington visiting his family and so far it has been fun. Amy and Lauren are going to do some pictures of Brad and I so I am really excited for that! I think this will be a good week.
I am going to start posting more pictures...I just need to start taking pictures again :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have been home for a couple weeks now and it has been amazing! I love my family so much so it has been so fun to spend time with them and hang out :)

I got to babysit some fun kids the other day...10 of them to be exact! It was crazy but a good time.
Yesterday Mom, Jules and I went shopping for wedding dresses. I know I am not engaged yet, but ,my Mom and I wanted to be able to do that togther before I head back to Rexburg. She has a hard time with the fact that such important parts of my life are going to be spent away from her. We found two dresses that are perfect! Now I just have to narrow it down. Here they are from the Eternity Gown line:

I think they are both beautiful but my Mom likes the 1st one best because she says it is more Princess-esque.

Brad will be here in Michigan in 5 more days! I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see him again :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have been so so so stressed lately with everything going on in my life. It's finals week and I can't wait until it's over! I have so much homeowork to do, tests to study for, and packing! AHHH
Next week I will be in the mountains all week camping with my Dad in Washington. It should be fun, but I have to break the news to him...crap.
After that I get to be home thank goodness :) I cant wait to be home with my family to spend time with them and get to see them and plan everything! It will be the best month ever and then Brad will come to Michigan, which I am so freaking excited about!!!!!!
A month away from him will be really hard but when he finally gets there it will be amamamamamazizizizizizizizizizizizing!

Well, back to my studies.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Patience and Good Times

This weekend was fabulous! Friday I went out with Sara and Sadie and then we met up with the boys later. Then Saturday Micah, Sadie, Brad and I went to the sand dunes on Egan lake and played in the water and had lunch. Afterwards we drove up to Driggs to go to te Spud View Drive-In it was a blast!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Life is wild.

Life has been crazy lately. I am starting to feel a little bit better so that's a plus. Last night Brad and I were talking and he suggested that maybe all of the problems wrong with me health wise are actually just a reflection of all of the bad things I put into my body growing up, so pretty much this is all my fault. I think he's right.

So a series of events has made me think a lot about life, my past, and my future. My sister has really been struggleing lately adn then this weekend a close friend of hers commited suicide. I hate that I cant be there to comfort her but I can always pray that things will get better. I cant imagine how he must have been feeling to be to the point of taking his own life, especially a week before graduation. His poor family.

I almost feel guilty with everything going on that I am so excited and wrapped up in Brad and I's relationship, But then I think...that is my future. I already went through crap in my past and pain and hardship so I deserve to be happy now. I deserve to be able to rejoice about where I am and where I am going. This is the best time of my life.

It is really difficuly living with these conflicting emotions sometimes but that's life I suppose.

I am going to start writing a book again. I think it might be good for me. I think I am going to write a biography of sorts but with some changes here and there so it isnt completly my story.. I think it will be a good way to take on this new chapter of my life.

I am so excited for the day I can stop keeping my big secret to myself and I can tell the whole world...but not yet. :)

Brad and I went with his roomates to a Beatles tribute band called: 1963 The Tribute. It was a ton of fun! After the show there was fireworks too. Overall just a really goofd night. Here is a picture and video from the concert.

Friday, May 30, 2008

secrets, secrets are no fun

So this is day 2 of my blogging adventure and I have a lto on my mind.
Pretty much, I hate secrets. Even good ones because I suck at keeping them. I want desperatly to tell the whole world my little secret...but I'm not allowed. And even as patient as I am, I am going crazy wondering when I will be allowed to tell! oh well, it will be an amazing announcement when I am able to spill :)
TGIF! I am so happy it's finally the weekend! It has been such a long week, even though I just got back from a four day weekend. Driving down to Utah twice in one week sure does wipe me out. I am just going to sit back, realx, and chill all weekend with Brad.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something New

This is obviously my first post here. For a long time I have used livejournal but it is time for a change so bare with me while I figure this out. I figure my life has changed so much I might as well start a new online here I am.
Peace & Love