Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One-sided Sunburn

So I look like the two face or something from Batman right now I was out working all day, driving through Midvale, Teton, Sugar City, West Rexburg etc. and it was a glorions day so I had all of my windows down and the sun roof open. I guess I didn't realize how much the sun was beating down on me becuase after I got home I realized that I was burnt to a crisp. The best part is, its not even. My elft arm is burnt really bad because it was out the window most of the day and the back right side of my nexk is fired because the sun roof allowed the sun to beat down on me right there. I even have a tan line from where the seat belt was. I look halarious. Oh well, atleast half of my body got to enjoy the sun shine and maybe it will evne turn into a tan :) haha
Too bad I couldn't have gotten sunburned like normal people- my whole body and by laying out in the sun haha
P.S. I got a job working as the Campus editor for Scroll :) I am so excited

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Working? Me?

We haven't updated in awhile because for a first I have been busy! I have been  busy working for the Census Bureau and Brad has been working on a lot of crazy time consuming projects for school . Yes you heard me right, I have been WORKING! Amazizing I know :)
Life has been pretty great though. Brad and I have been discussing options for internships/the future a lot so that has been fun to think about. We received a huge blessing in email form a couple of days ago when I guy that Brad knew growing up emailed him and told him that Brad could internship at his graphic design company in California, or if we wanted he could hook Brad up with some other companies in the Seattle area. We were seriously so excited because it is such a huge relief to have options!
I have been looking at some newspapers. I am really interested in an internship at the Seattle Weekly, and after graduation I am seriously thinking about trying to get into the summer internship program at the Seattle times. 
Thinking about the future, graduation, and getting out of Rexburg is so awesome. I never thought it would feel this good :)
Brad and i have also been discussing the option of moving to an apartment down near main street. It would be kind of fun and it would give e a change of scenery... which I like ever few months, but I don't know if I feel like moving all of our stuff again. We'll see what boils out with that one. 
Regardless, I am excited to think that the future is not that far away!