Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Hey everyone! Yes, we do still have a blog, and no, we don't ever update it :) Sorry...
Now that graduation is only 3 weeks away (you heard right, 3 weeks!!!!) I hope to get to my blogging self soon. In the meantime, I will post our St. Patty's Day festivities and introduce the cyber world to our new family member, Keeva, the lab puppy we adopted a couple of weeks ago.
As many of you know, St. Patrick's Day is my second favorite holiday (just under Halloween) and so I have a big party every year. Brad is a good sport and allows me to deck the house out in green and go crazy with the food. This year marked 3 years since Brad and I started officially dating. It was St.Patrick's Day 2008 when it became "official" and now 3 years, 3 houses, 3 weeks till graduation, and a new addition to our family of now 3 later we are still celebrating.
We invited over some family and friends for our party and it was a pretty good time. Here are some pics:
cute and very pregnant Hillary in the decked out kitchen. That adorable shamrock garland you see was made by my awesome sister-in-law Amy, check out her crafts here

Our modge-podge dinner table set-up

All of the cute decorations, mostly made last year along with my Dublin bear from Angie.

Keeva just hanging out in her Shamrock scarf from Amy before everyone got there. As a side note, we tried to train her not to ever get on the couch...that obviously didn't work.

The super cute framed text is from Amy of course :)

These cupcakes were me pride and joy- they may look bad, but the tasted amazing. They are rich chocolate cooked with beer and irish cream frosting. The flags are from Amy.

The traditional corned beef (i had to make a ton because there was 11 of us)

Cabbage soup, one of my favorites

Brad hanging out watching the basketball game on his cell phone haha

By the end of the night, Keeva was exhausted!
And just for fun, here are some more pics of Keeva on a movie slideshow. She is a 3 month-old black labrador puppy. We love having her around (even if she is teething and going through a biting stage). We got her 2 weeks ago and then almost lost her to the terrible puppy virus, Parvo. Poor little thing spent a week in the hospital battling for her life and Brad and I spent a week at home trying not to stress ourselves out with worry. We are glad she is feeling better and back to attacking everything that moves and wreaking havoc on our baseboards.

Well, that is what we have been up to. We are still on the hunt for jobs and we really don't have any for sure plans for after graduation. There are some pretty promising leads, but as of now, it's all up in the air. It is crazy to really have no idea where your life will end up and not know where we will be living in a month, but it is also kind of exciting. :) Wish us luck!