Friday, November 30, 2012


Thanksgiving in Boston was beautiful. It was chilly but sunny and we got to spend it with my family, which made everything better. My family flew in from Yakima and we spent the long holiday weekend hanging out around Boston, Watching/playing football, and eating yummy foods. It was a lovely time and we were so happy to have them there.
 Kai and Uncle Brandon 
 The pretty table
 Kai standing on his own downtown
 Kai and his pumpkin
 Hanging with Grandpa Austin 
 Candy cornucopia 
 Cuddle time
 Chomping down on Uncle Brandon's phone
 Cute turkey apples
 Reading with Uncle Seth
Kai doing his own thing in Boston

Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 Months

Right before Thanksgiving, Kai turned 8 months old. Brad and I feel like this month he really lost a lot of his babyness and is starting to turn into a toddler. My baby is disappearing right before my eyes. It is killing me. This stage is seriously fun though. I seem to like each stage even better than the last. This month:

  • He has perfected his wave and is starting to be friendly and wave at other people
  • He has gotten back into being cuddly again, and steals kisses often with a big "muah" noise
  • He has learned to stand and walk around the table
  • He is trying to stand without the table (lots of wipeouts)
  • He is starting to understand some of the signs we give him
  • He still eats A LOT
  • He now calls daddy, daddy and mommy, mommy instead of random
  • His list of words: oh wow, woah, no, don't, mommy, daddy
  • He LOVES music and will stop whatever he is doing to even just listen to TV show theme songs
  • He has decided Keeva is his best friend and crawls all over her (she isn't loving that)
  • He has learned to play little games with us, and gets a kick out of himself
  • He has started showing preferences in stuff like toys and blankets and even shows that are his favorite
  • He is back to fake coughing, laughing, and crying depending on what he wants. Faker. 
  • He is such a stinker and does things on purpose for reactions.
  • He is a gabber and is LOUD. He can hold a note for so long. Quiet days in the Woodard home are long gone. 
  • He is still teething: 2 on top and 2 on the bottom so far
  • He does the funniest thing with his arms when he wants something. He flaps them around super fast. We call is his "fairy hands"
I'm sure there is a million other things that I am forgetting, but regardless he is growing up and is the cutest stinking kid I have ever seen. He is so active and moves non-stop so getting pictures of him is getting so hard

Kai climbing over the couch

Silly face 

Eating his hat 

Getting so tall, but check out those thighs 

Crawling away from the camera 

Fairy hands 

Standing by himself trying to sit carefully 

My cute little man