Thursday, February 26, 2009


I did Zumba for the first time today. It is a Latin dance inspired aerobic exercise.
It was a lot of fun and a really good workout! I think I am going to regularly start going to Zumba classes. It is amazing how good it feels to get exercise. I haven't really been as active as I should be lately. Endorphins feel so wonderful, I don't know why I stopped exercising in the first place.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fake Tans + Bodybuilding= NASTY

I think that orange tans are one of the grossest things in the whole world! I also think that bodybuilders ESPECIALLY women bodybuilders are disgusting. Sadly enough, some go to that terrible extreme and do BOTH!!!!

To better illustrate how terrible this is a picture of what Brad and I would look like with a fake tan and some muscles:

Recovering Turtle

So Bebot wasn't eating. And then he wasn't really swimming or playing or basking so I got worried. I did some google research and found out that he was extremely sick. He was breathing with his mouth, which meant his respiratory system was failing. We found out that the water he was in was too cold for him so it was sending his body into hibernation!!
I immediately put him in hot water and then Brad and I went and bought some plants for his tank and a heat lamp.
I watched him all evening hoping that he would eat something and recover. Slowly he started getting more playful and active so I put in some carrots and a little piece of scrambled egg to see if that would catch his eye.
When we went to sleep he still hadn't eaten anything (3 days of no food :( ) But when I woke up this morning to check on him, ALL of the food in his tank was gone and he was swimming around like a new turtle!!!
I think it is safe to say he is on the road to we just have to figure out how to help him swim a little better

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bebot :)

So Brad and I welcomed a new addition into our family on Saturday. His name is Bebot and he is 3 months old. He is a beautiful little red eared slider turtle and we love him.
We got him at a flea market and have been trying to figure out what he likes to eat since.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Valentines Day

Brad and I just celebrated our first v-day together. It was a lot of fun! I woke him up with breakfast in bed and then sent him on a scavenger hunt of heart shaped clues that eventually led to his present, which was an easel. He has been talking about how much he needed one for a while so I thought it might be nice :) I also made him a homemade card (amazing I know coming from the girl who can't craft)

*** The easel picture has the picture of me that Brad spray-painted***

After my census bureau test, Brad surprised me with flowers and the best present ever.... a hot pink fishing pole! I have been talking about how much i enjoyed fishing so I thought it was a really sweet thought! He also got me the most adorable card:)

Later we made baby back ribs **they were on sale** it was delicious!! It was also fun to cook together :)

After diner we went to stake conference, which was really nice. They talked about love a lot and it was actually a really uplifting thing to do on Valentines Day

After the conference Brad had another surprise: He rented the movie "Nick and Noras Infinite Play list" and had chocolate Martinellies with giant wine glasses! It was really sweet and a wonderful evening.
Definitely the best Valentines Day ever!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I have been the worst blogger ever lately. I guess it's because I feel like I have nothing to write about. Brad and I are are same ol' same ol'. Still looking for jobs. I think I found something for 5 weeks at least. The census bureau is looking for people to go door to door and record the number of people in each household and they pay well so I think I will try to do that! Even though we don't have jobs, things have been fine. We have been really blessed because we have been getting wedding cards in the mail almost daily still which has helped us pay our bills. I am really not worried because we know that by April we will both have jobs for sure so no worries.
We have been talking a lot lately about internships and what we were going to do about that. We have been kinda leaning toward the Seattle area which would be really cool because we would be so close to family at least for a little while. I can get an internship basically anywhere, we just have to find Brad one that is specific enough in what he wants to do. Wish us luck!
Brad has been doing some cool projects for school! He spray painted a picture of me which was really awesome. I will have to post it later.
Overall life is good and I am getting excited for Valentines day! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


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