Friday, November 30, 2012


Thanksgiving in Boston was beautiful. It was chilly but sunny and we got to spend it with my family, which made everything better. My family flew in from Yakima and we spent the long holiday weekend hanging out around Boston, Watching/playing football, and eating yummy foods. It was a lovely time and we were so happy to have them there.
 Kai and Uncle Brandon 
 The pretty table
 Kai standing on his own downtown
 Kai and his pumpkin
 Hanging with Grandpa Austin 
 Candy cornucopia 
 Cuddle time
 Chomping down on Uncle Brandon's phone
 Cute turkey apples
 Reading with Uncle Seth
Kai doing his own thing in Boston

Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 Months

Right before Thanksgiving, Kai turned 8 months old. Brad and I feel like this month he really lost a lot of his babyness and is starting to turn into a toddler. My baby is disappearing right before my eyes. It is killing me. This stage is seriously fun though. I seem to like each stage even better than the last. This month:

  • He has perfected his wave and is starting to be friendly and wave at other people
  • He has gotten back into being cuddly again, and steals kisses often with a big "muah" noise
  • He has learned to stand and walk around the table
  • He is trying to stand without the table (lots of wipeouts)
  • He is starting to understand some of the signs we give him
  • He still eats A LOT
  • He now calls daddy, daddy and mommy, mommy instead of random
  • His list of words: oh wow, woah, no, don't, mommy, daddy
  • He LOVES music and will stop whatever he is doing to even just listen to TV show theme songs
  • He has decided Keeva is his best friend and crawls all over her (she isn't loving that)
  • He has learned to play little games with us, and gets a kick out of himself
  • He has started showing preferences in stuff like toys and blankets and even shows that are his favorite
  • He is back to fake coughing, laughing, and crying depending on what he wants. Faker. 
  • He is such a stinker and does things on purpose for reactions.
  • He is a gabber and is LOUD. He can hold a note for so long. Quiet days in the Woodard home are long gone. 
  • He is still teething: 2 on top and 2 on the bottom so far
  • He does the funniest thing with his arms when he wants something. He flaps them around super fast. We call is his "fairy hands"
I'm sure there is a million other things that I am forgetting, but regardless he is growing up and is the cutest stinking kid I have ever seen. He is so active and moves non-stop so getting pictures of him is getting so hard

Kai climbing over the couch

Silly face 

Eating his hat 

Getting so tall, but check out those thighs 

Crawling away from the camera 

Fairy hands 

Standing by himself trying to sit carefully 

My cute little man 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kai's first Halloween

I love Halloween. Actually, that is an understatement. I am obsessed with Halloween. It is my favorite day of the year, rivaled only by St. Patrick's Day. I was so excited for Kai's first Halloween because I hope he learns to love it as much as I do. This year we got a special treat, and Brad's parents came to spend the holiday with us. As usual, my decorations were up in September and the perfect costume hunt was on. We decided to go to Salem, MA for the day because it seemed like the most logical place to spend Halloween. We had a blast. It was seriously crazy out there, full of awesomely strange people making their spooky pilgrimage. Kai seemed to really enjoy it and even loved his costume. I can't wait for next year (I am thinking of getting him a costume for each day of the month)! 
Brad helped me cut and hang all of these bats

 My homemade wreath, I was so proud

Kai's favorite decorations

Yes, I made a hat for my bird figurine 

 Brad and I as Dia De Los Muertos sugar skulls

Us in Salem Cemetery with our monster

 Creepy Brad, Kai was a little weirded out by him 

 Real-life ghostbusters!

Lynn and Jeff with Frankenstein 

Hillbilly trucker and cowgril 

Creepy me 

Adorable monster 

He loves his pumpkin 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy is not dandy

Who knew moving to Boston meant that we are in a hurricane path? I did not bargain for this. I thought we were escaping natural disasters when we left earthquake central (aka California). I was seriously naive enough to think that hurricanes did not come up this far northeast. I was wrong. They do. Boy, they do. 
When we first heard that the hurricane was coming our way, we stocked up on water and some food. When we woke up this morning, and saw the tree branches flying through the air and the rain pouring in sheets, we realized we may need more food...and lamps. Brad's parents are in town for Halloween so Brad and his Dad went to Costco to stock for the apocalypse if needs be. We got muffins, and cereal, and even some eggnog (because that is a logical disaster food). As soon as they got back, the power went out and the storm picked up. 
It has actually been pretty fun. I cooked a huge pork chop dinner (luckily we have a gas stove), and we played games together and then watched a movie with the remainder of the charge on Brad's computer. The power has come back on now, and we are just waiting out the rest of the storm and praying the lights stay on. We'll see. Evidently, Sandy has just hit land so who knows what is yet to come. 
I am grateful to be prepared and to be surrounded by family in this craziness. It is kind of scary to see the pictures of the NYC with all of the lights out, and to watch giant tree branches flying through the air and water streaming past our door, but it is really nice to know that we are going to fine. They evacuated the north and south shores, and we are just smack in the middle of that, which freaked me out at first, but it seems all is well now. Now to see if Brad is off work again tomorrow. Let's pray he is and Sandy chills out and leaves as fast as she came. 
Look at that massive storm 

 Cooking by candlelight

 Playing games

Loving Nana

 Halloween decor is made better by oil lamp (with a creepy black flame I might add)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

7 Months

Kai is 7 months old. Holy cow. He also is a mover and is extremely hard to keep track of. This kid is fast. He is non-stop on the go, taking over the house and everything in it. I love this little guy and his quirky, fun little personality.
This month:
    • He is a pig. He is starting to put on weight like crazy and is a total lug. He eats anything and everything in his path.
    • He hates baby food and only wants "adult" food. He starts panicking and flapping his arms if you don't give him a bite of what you have
    • He likes weird stuff, like pickles and jalapenos. I don't understand it, but it's kinda awesome.
    • He crawls. I am glad he finally figured it out but it is making my life hectic. There is no keeping that kid still.
    • He loves a reaction. He likes to do things and see what you will do back. It is hilarious, I promise. 
    • He gives kisses. More like slobbery licks on the cheek, but it is sweet regardless.
    • He's a daredevil. He likes to dive off of stuff and has the bruises to prove it.
    • He has the longest reach ever and can get ahold of anything he is not supposed to even when I put it far away from those grabby hands.
    • He is stinkin' smart and has already figured out how to use our iphones and repeat things we say or do from time to time. 
    • He waves (kinda), smiles and makes his crinkle nose on cue, and plays peek-a-boo. 
    • He is already getting grown up and I can't believe it!
 Crinkle nose crawl
 Sweet boy
 Checking out his hat
 Stealing the camera
 Playing with his horse
 Long boy, look at those thighs!
Too cute

Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple picking in New England

Brad had work of today for Columbus Day. I didn't know you got work off for Columbus Day, but evidently, the East Coast is extremely patriotic. We decided to use the day to drive up to the north shore and go to Russell Orchards in Ipswich, MA. It is an old orchard ran by the same family (who still live on the orchard) since the 20's where they let you pick your own apples after a hay ride, get fresh hot cider, pick out pumpkins, eat hot fresh cider donuts, and shop in the cute gift shop all in an old barn. We loved it. 
I LOVE FALL! And, in Massachusetts, fall is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I am so happy that this is where Kai got to spend his first fall. Apple picking and going to the pumpkin patch was so wonderful on this crisp day. The air was cool, the colors were spectacular, and we even got to see the harbor. Such a lovely day. Kai was loving all of the sites around him, and he loved his first apple. 
The perfect apple, and Kai's first taste (he loved it)
The farm

Crinkle nose just like his mommy used to

Guarding his pumpkin
Lane leading up to the orchard
Kai picking his own apple

"I'm cute and I know it"
Eating hay
The hay ride out to the apples