Monday, June 15, 2009

Is that the Sun?

I see the sun today and I am pretty excited about it. It has been so gloomy lately with all of this rain and dark skies. I hate when the weather is bad for so long because it really gets your spirits down. I checked (I religiously check the weather and 10 day forecast every morning, it's an addiction) and said that it is going to get sunny by the end of the week and back up into the 80's which is the best news in the whole world.
I am so excited for 4th of July weekend to get here because it means that we finally get to go CAMPING! We both love to camp to we are so excited to head up to West Yellowstone for a few days and have a good time in nature :)
With 4th of July coming up I am reminded that there is not too much time left in this semester so both Brad and I need to kick it into high gear and get on top of our classes. It should be alright...I hope
ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! Brad and his band got into Guitars Unplugged and will be playing "Johnny Be Good" on Saturday night. Everyone should come and support them because it is going to be awesome

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Brad and I have been terrible at updating lately. I think we have just beenso busy that neither of us have had the time to write anything. We have been working a lot lately on our graduation plans and trying to figure out exactly what our plan is for the next couple of years. It is so exciting to think about the future and wonder what it will hold. We have been discussing our options for internships and where we will go. It is wonderful that we actually have options, I don't think most people are that blessed.
It has been really uncharacteristically rainy in Rexburg lately. On one hand it is nice because I realize how important the rain is to this drought ravished land and the farmers who try to raise crops on it... but on the other hand I really want the sun to come out and stay out so we can camp and ride our bikes and do all of the other fun summer activities that we want to do.
Brad and I are going on a lovely evening bike ride tonight. Brad FINALLY finished his bike. He has been working on it since he bought it a moth or so ago. It is orange and black (not quite as cute as my baby blue bike but I guess it will do! :) ) I will post pictures of our bikes tonight when we go on our bike ride.
I have been thinking a lot about friendships today. I ran into an old friend of mine on campus and was a little surprised to see her. As soon as I did all of these memories came back to me of how much fun we used to have. It makes me wonder why people leave our lives in the first place... I have so many friends that I don't keep in touch with as well as I wish I did. Seeing this friend made me really want to reach out and tell all of my old friends that I didn't forget them, and I love them. I guess time does that. 
We are both excited for this semester to be over! It seems like it has drawn on forever when really it is only half way through. The second half always seems to go by the quickest though thank goodness. I can't wait to not have the stresses of school and work and to just be able to sleep, relax and enjoy summer (if summer ever comes!) :)