Thursday, April 19, 2012

1 Month Old

Kai is one month old now! I cannot believe how fast time has gone. This little boy has been with us for a month and we couldn't imagine life any different, and frankly, I can't remember what life was like before him. He is such a sweet little guy, always wanting to cuddle with you. He is starting to sleep much better at night but we are still working on getting longer stretches of time so we can sleep a little bit more. 
We have also learned that he has a temper. He is either happy and smiling or his flat out MAD. He can scream louder than any little baby I have ever heard and when he gets mad there is no talking him out of it unless I am cuddling him. He is quite the momma's boy! 
He doesn't have another appointment until 6 weeks but Brad weighed him and he weighed 13lbs on our scale! He has also grown about 3 inches since he was born. He is really starting to chunk back up too...we love our BIG boy! 
Each month I am going to take a picture on his blanket with the hat to show his growth (he will unfortunately grow out of the boots soon).

our big boy
blue-eyed boy
hey there good lookin'
those boots are made for walking
"I am done mom, no more!"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hezekiah WIlliam Woodard

Seeing as how Hezekiah will be a month old tomorrow (I can't believe it), I figured it was time to do a post about his birth:

 Hezekiah William Woodard was born on March 20, 2012
9 lbs 14 oz 20 inch long

I was so huge that people in the stores kept asking if I was having multiples

On March 19 we went in for an ultrasound to check out how big Kai was because I was past my due date. At that point he still hadn't dropped, I was not dialating at all, and I was getting so huge I could barely walk. I had spent the weekend walking non-stop, bouncing on a birthing ball, and eating everything under the sun that is known to induce labor...and still no progress. The ultrasound tech kept re-takin the measurements and was shocked because he was so big that he didn't measure on any of the charts. They estimated his size to be about 10.6lbs and his head circumference was too big to even measure. My doctor told me that he was most likely too big to drop down and that he was not going to safely come out without a c-section. Brad and I decided that it was safer for Kai and I if we scheduled the c-section and got him out before things got dangerous.
We headed to the hospital at 4a.m. the next morning for my pre-op testing. I was super nervous! I was way more prepared for having a natural labor than I was for this surgery, but before I knew it, Brad and I were sitting in the operating room (I guess I was technically laying) and they were cutting me open. I really wanted to see him be born, so I asked the anesthesiologist – side-note: the anesthesiologist was so awesome and sat with us chatting the whole surgery and giving us a play by play so we felt more comfortable – if I could somehow watch. They held a mirror up for me so I could see them pull Kai out and see that first adorable scream and those HUGE cheeks. The whole surgery was only about a half hour long and we were headed to our room for our four day stay in the hospital. Kai was so chubby and cuddly and even handled the constant foot pricking and tests like a champ (they had to make sure he didn't have diabetes or anything because he was so big).

 first family photo while they were stitching me up
 Proud daddy and his sweet baby boy
Kai right after his first bath
 Sweet baby with his hand out of the swaddle as usual
 Cuddling with daddy 
Going home!
After 4 nights in the hospital, we finally got to go home. I was so excited to get out of the hospital and in my own bed. The first couple of weeks were rough at night because he had his days and nights mixed up, but we are getting it a little more figured out each day. I can't believe it has already been a month! Brad and I are so grateful for such a healthy happy baby boy and soooo grateful for the non-stop family we have had here helping since his birth.