Monday, July 13, 2009

O'Mally the Ally-cat...or Hyundai

Brad and I just brought a new addition into our family!
Meet... O'MALLY

We will miss our dear old friend pink panther...may she rest in peace

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adventures in West Yellowstone!

Brad and I went on a camping trip with our good friend Jessica and Matt Mitchell to West Yellowstone, Montana for the 4th of July. We had a blast. The campsite we stayed at had a sign in front that said "CAUTION: BEARS FREQUENT THIS AREA"We got to see al of the geysers at Yellowstone National Park, hang out at the campsite, and even go tot a couple fireworks shows around the area! Celebrating our freedom and independence is fabulous ( not to mention a great excuse to cancel school) Here are some pictures from our trip:
Brad and his newly buzzed head

Brad has become a master carver
Our one buffalo friend (unfortunately we saw no bears)
The ridiculous amount of people waiting for Old Faithful

The Progression of Old Faithful

Almost there...
And She blows!

Matt and Jessica making peach cobbler yumm :)
Morning Glory
Beauty Pool
The Devil's Door

Trip to Utah

Brad and I recently went down to Utah to look at 1976 VW Buses...we really wanted to get one because it has been a dream of both of ours for a long time, but the trip proved that now is not the right time in our lives. While we were driving down our air conditioning stopped working and our windows wouldn't roll down. We decided to make a pit stop at the farmers market at Pioneer Park and returned to our car to find it dead :( Luckily, we had Dora (our handy dandy GPS) so we found the closest auto repair shop and walked there. Turns out the belts in our car snapped and had to be replaced (a spendy replacement) So after it was replaced we decided to head back to Rexburg instead of look at some more buses. The trip was not a total bust though. We were able to walk around downtown Salt Lake City for a few hours while we were waiting and took some fun pictures with our new camera. :)
The giant dandelion 
The lady in the yellow dress
Hands of time
This  sweet radio tower
Me making my "cute pose"
The Tabernacle
Neon construction downtown: City Creek
Fountain on Temple Square
The Salt Lake City Temple