Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Epic Blog Fail and Update on Life

Dear family and friends,
I suck at blogging. I love to read all of your blogs, but I never blog my own stuff. I am sorry. Truly, I am. I am not going to make any promises or get your hopes up that I am going to get better, because I probably won't...but accept this update post as a peace offering? Pretty please? Thanks
We have been keeping really busy since my last post in (dare I say it) July. We have spent the summer getting better aquatinted with Southern California by going to the beach, checking out some art museums, driving around Hollywood (it is too ghetto to get out of the car), and checking out the disgusting wealth in Bel Air and the other surrounding areas. 
Due to Keeva being a psychopath anxiety ridden dog, we no longer have a camera to show you lovely pictures of what we have been up to, so the phone camera is going to have to be good enough. 
In August, the Albrecht's came for a visit! We had fun being touristy and hanging out in the beautiful sunshine working on our tans. 

Even little Uriah was loving the beach from his carseat. Isn't he the cutest? 

Keeva got to come play at the beach too. I am not sure she liked being buried, but she didn't get an option. She puts up with a lot: crazy outfits, bows, being hog-tied, buried, etc. 

For Brad's birthday, I decided I wanted to take him to San Diego since he has been talking about going there since we moved here. We didn't realize that is was only an hour drive to get there, otherwise we would have gone sooner. We got to go to the zoo, to the Natural History Museum, all over Balboa park ( an old Spanish settlement that was super cool), the downtown historical GasLamp District, and an artist's village called Spanish Village. We had a ton of fun!

{pictures are on Brad's phone so the have to be MIA until he gets home}

When we got home, Keeva had to go to the vet to get spayed. She was not a happy camper about it, but now we don't have to worry about any little Keevas running around. I think that is definitely more than we could handle. One Keeva is more than enough.  

 Another great thing we found out this summer, is that we are having a baby! Our little one will be here by March 17, yes, St.Patrick's Day, one of the best days of the year! I am 4 months along this week and we just recently found out that our avocado is a BOY! We are so excited and Brad is more than pumped to have a mini-me of him running around the house. He already is making plans for little league, hiking trips, and plenty of other boyish things. I think all of the grandparents are even more excited. This is the first for both sides of my family and the first boy for Brad's family. Needless to say, this little one is going to be one spoiled rotten boy when he gets here in March. :) Look at that adorable profile.