Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Late: Thanksgiving/6 Months

I am a little behind, I know. Life has just been crazy and I keep forgetting to blog. No, I didn't all of a sudden get a life or anything, I have just caught every cold known to man this month and then have been fitting in Christmas parties and such in the gaps between. All is well though. 
Let's start with Thanksgiving: 
We hosted Thanksgiving this year and had our friends the Walsh's over. It was way fun and chill and we just hung out and cooked together and it turned out lovely. 
My festive table setting

Yummy gravy on the lazy suzan that Brad got me when we moved here (I love it haha)

Gluten-Free Stuffing (way better than it sounds) and Orange Jello Salad

Deviled Eggs, Green Beans, Turkey

A full and delicious plate.

The only disappointment about Thanksgiving was my diminished ability to eat! I can usually down a good 3 plates of food before starting to get painfully full but I couldn't even get through 1.5 small servings this year. Darn baby got in the way haha.  
After dinner, we played games and waited until about 9 p.m. to start the long night of Black Friday shopping. Walmart was a psychotic zoo and Target was much better but the lines went on FOREVER. By the time we got home (about 2:30 a.m.) I was exhausted and my feet were so swollen they looked like they could twist off. Oh joy. We did come away with about 20 movies for about $20 and an awesome little Dirt Devil vacuum that makes my life so much easier. 
Thanksgiving also marked 6 months of incubating for Hezekiah. As usual, Laura spoiled me and took some lovely pictures. Here are a few:

I can't believe how big he is getting! His little kicks and jabs are so strong now and he gets the hiccups all the time. It is pretty fun. He also LOVES hot chocolate. If I drink hot chocolate (which I do a lot), he starts kicking like crazy and flipping around. Christmas will be 7 months. I am almost 27 weeks now and he is approximately 2.5 lbs. and 15 in. long! There is definitely a little person in there. His eyes should be open now and his little lungs are inflated so he can practice "breathing" the amniotic fluid. So cool. 
Fun fact: He got startled the other day. I was watching Lord of the Rings and it went from a really quiet scene to a loud war scene and it felt like he jumped in my belly. Pretty funny. 

In other news, for those of you waiting to hear whether we were going to be leaving Cali or not, we are staying. So, plan your trips out because we aren't going anywhere. Brad's job is awesome and worked something out so we can stay here and he can continue to work in office. As awesome as moving to Austin would have been, this is a great opportunity for him and we couldn't be happier. :)