Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We will be at week 39 in just a couple of days. Shoot. I am doing everything possible to distract myself from the fact that my baby is not here yet. The doctor really shouldn't have teased me by saying that he would be here "any day now" because I am dying for that day to be TODAY. He is healthy, developed, huge, and ready to be in my arms instead of my belly. I am actually convinced that I may sleep better having to wake every few hours for feedings than I do now (and if I don't sleep, poor Brad doesn't sleep). 
I have tried every suggestion: spicy food, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, vacuuming, scrubbing floors on hands and knees, dancing, walking, swinging at the park, and we may even go bowling tonight to see if that helps. I even sit on the floor in "butterfly position" flapping my legs like elementary school because I read that can help the baby engage. (FYI: it's not working). 
The full moon is tonight, which oddly enough is a day a lot of women's water break and they go into lets keep our fingers crossed. 
In the mean time, I was going through my phone looking at all of the belly shot pictures over the last 9 months. Even though my friend Laura has been taking beautiful pictures of the growing bump for me, my sister Sam wanted a weekly belly shot and would bug me until I sent one pretty much each week.

It is funny to look back at them because in my mind, I thought week 16 was when I was starting to show. I remember telling my family I was getting so big haha. Maybe I don't remember what I looked like pre-pregnancy but I would be happy to look like week 16 again. 
Week 21 was when Brad and I went maternity clothes shopping and I thought I was so big filling out all of those shirts. I actually didn't end up buying that striped shirt because I was worried it wouldn't fit in a month or so...good call. 
Week 23 is when I think I could actually qualify as showing, and from then on I just got bigger. At about week 30 I was convinced that I couldn't get much bigger. I was wrong. I never imagined I could go from that to what I am now. :) Too funny. It is fun to look back with a different perspective now.