Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Yesterday, we took Kai to his first museum. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art was having a free day, so we drove out to LA to check it out and check out the Mid-Century Modernists exhibit before it finished this next week. It was a really cool museum with quite the variety of exhibits. We had a ton of fun and Kai did awesome!
He is now big enough and holds his head well enough to sit front-facing in the Baby Bjorn, which he LOVES. He is such a social guy, so being able to face out and see people makes him a happy boy. We even walked around the La Brea tar pits and the adjacent park. We ended up walking around for 6 hours so today my calves are killing me. We came home and just passed out on the couch for the rest of the night.

The La Brea Tar pits

Kai grinning

Brad's favorite part of the exhibit: the Eames House

Outside of the LACMA (Kai was napping) 


Cool lampost photo op

Kai and Keeva hanging out (Keeva has a habit of biting herself we are trying to break with the cone) 

Kai and Daddy playing around before his diaper change

Kai and Brad in the LACMA 

Cute Boy 

He was such a good boy all day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kai is 2 Months!

Kai is two months old! Actually he has been two months old for about a week now, but I am really slow on getting stuff up. We took his 2 month cowboy pictures and he was hamming it up! I tried to put on the cowboy boots that he wore for his 1 month photo...but they were too small. Sad :(
 Smiling at mommy instead of the camera
 Are you looking at me?
 His favorite position
 Being a cutie
 Trying to pick up his hat
 Look at those legs!
 Obligatory picture of Keeva of course
Rocking the hat

What's new at 2 months?
  • Kai is in the 99th percentile for height, the 95th for weight, and the 97th for head circumference
  • He loves to snuggle...so much that he wont sleep by himself because he just wants to snuggle all night 
  • He smiles A LOT and his learning to laugh
  • He loves to get kisses and smiles when you give him kisses
  • He likes to be in the football hold dangling off your arm
  • He learned to suck his thumb
  • He can scoot his body like an inch worm wherever he wants to go and if he is really determined will roll over to where he wants to be
  • He sneezes every time he sees the sun
  • He likes to pretend his leg is a machine gun with daddy and chase Keeva around the house
  • His eyes are getting bluer and bluer each day 
  • He LOVES to hear his own voice and coos and squeals all the time
  • He thinks mommy is the funniest the person ever
  • His hair is starting to grow in more in the front so his receding hair line is not as bad
  • He is starting to look just like daddy
  • He is still eating about 5oz every 2 hours other than at night when he sleeps 8 hours straight
We love our fun boy. He is turning into such a happy mellow little guy who just likes to play all the time.