Monday, April 29, 2013

A Monday evening walk

Brad has been working some crazy hours this last week and even had to work all weekend. Today, he got out a decent time so we decided to take Keeva and Kai to the Arnold Arboretum. It is a huge park taken care of by Harvard University. Boston in the springtime is absolutely beautiful, and the arboretum really showcases its beauty. Kai was loving playing in the grass and the flowers and Keeva was having a hay day running around. 
Kai and I feeding the catfish and koi

Beautiful weeping cherry tree

Cutie Patootie  


Up and away

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Party Time!

Our little monster turned 1 last month and we decided it was about time to have a party. We had so much fun celebrating with our friends! Kai is one very loved little boy. We ate lots and lots of food and hung out letting the birthday boy play with his friends. 
Unfortunately, I forgot to get pictures of the partygoers (whoops) but there were people there I swear!
Awesome invite Brad made. 
Thanks Lynn for the fabric!

The cake did not turn out as planned, but it worked :)
Gotta love Pinterest ideas
Happy birthday little monster