Monday, September 23, 2013

Elephant Sized Update!

We have a blog. Yeah, I forgot too. Life kind of ran away with me there for the last 4 months or so. Sorry! This is going to be a giant, picture filled, probably over-the-top post...but oh well. Will it suffice if I say I will do better? I sure hope so. Well, here is what we have been up to since we last checked in May (don't hate me). Also, as a random side-note, I think I need to learn to take pictures of things other than Kai...he's just too cute. 


We spent a lot of time getting to know Boston because the weather was BEAUTIFUL 

We went to a Red Sox game (in the suite) at Fenway! 

We got to hang out in the New England Aquarium 

 Kai got a hair cut and broke my heart
  Lola and Grandpa Austin came to town and we got to play tourist

And then go with them to NYC

We were very patriotic 

 It got really hot, so we spent a lot of time at the beach or splash pad
 We went with our friends to the Brimfield Antique Show (one of the biggest in the U.S.)

 We then went to Nana and Papa's house in Kirkland to meet baby Audrey and be there for her blessing.

 While there we went to the reptile zoo with cousins
And even spent a day on the beach in Port Townsend with Joan
Nana tried to make smoothies one morning...

 We went to the Johnson Family reunion at Whidbey Island and had a blast

 We then went to Lola and Grandpa Austin's house in Yakima and played with consigns
 And Great-Papa took us for rides on the golf cart

We even made it up to Vantage for a day for the Holden Family Reunion 

Before heading back to Boston Grandpa took us to see Mt. St Helen's, Mt. Rainier, The Woodland Park Zoo, The Museum of the Pacific, and The Space Needle (it was a big day!)

Once back in Boston, we had to quickly pack up our stuff, say goodbye to friends, and start the long trek out to Austin, TX, where we live now. 
Goodbye dinner with amazing Boston friends
 Keeva in the Uhaul ready for the drive
Snack time on the drive
 Texas hotels have Texas shaped waffles
America is beautiful (I love road trips)
Nane and Pappa met us in Austin to help us move in (and make a trip to the Salt Lick)

Well, that is what we have been up to the last few months. I will do a post about our lives here in Austin (and explain this sudden move) soon, as well as a post on the wedding Kai and I just went to. Hopefully this wasn't too much of a picture dump. :)