Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful weekend

This weekend was so nice. It was almost 60 degrees here IN FEBRUARY! Yeah, I know! Amazizizing. So we went with Brad's family on a drive up alond the coast to La Conner... north Washington coast, and back on a ferry. La Conner is a really neat little city full of shops and boats and cuteness. I was so happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
Eating on a deck over the water in FEBRUARY!!!

Valentine's Day

So, because Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year, Brad and I decided to celebrate on Monday instead. We went down to Pike Place Market and spent the day, and then had dinner at a Mexican place in Kirkland. Brad spoiled me with flowers, a CD of She and Him ( so goood, click the link to hear them) which is Zoey Deschanel's band, and a hot pink thermos! I got him a typography book and surprised him with the Pike Place trip. We really had a ton of fun and it was a great second Valentin's Day for us :) I am so happy to be married to such a fantabulous man!

Update January

The rest of January has been absolutely beautiful. The weather has been beyond wonderful! It has been warm and we have had a lot of time that we have been able to play outside. Jenny and Angie (our nieces) have spent a lot of time with us so we have been doing fun things like playing at the park! They have become my little models - unwillingly-- so I have taken a ton of pictures! Bear with me as I pick some of my favorites.

Update New Year's!

For New Year's we went to Sequim to visit Joan and Tom Trindle with the family. Jeff (Brad's dad) and Lauren were on their way to BYU-Idaho to get her settled in for school, so they weren't there but the rest of us had a good time. For those of you who don't know where Sequim is...It is out on the north coast of Washington and is such a beautiful place. We relaxed, hung out in the hot tub, played games, and had an overall good time.
The coast at Sequim, WA

At the beach across from Joan and Tom's

Brad and I on the beach

Jenny playing on New Year's Day

Update December

In December, the semester came to an end --finally-- and we moved out of apartment to head to Kirkland, Washington for the winter. We are in Kirkland until April completing our internships. Brad got an internship wit Studo Opolis, a graphic design firm in Lynwood and I am working for the Bellevue Reporter and their magazine production, The Scene. It is a really great experience for both of us to be out working for companies and gaining more experience for our fields.
On our drive down to Washington, we were met with some of the craziest weather I have seen. This is what it looked like descending down the Blue Mountains

We spent Christmas with Brad's family (we are living with them). It was a lot of fun. We had a big dinner and then Angie left cookies ...and pea pods :) ...for Santa. Here are some pictures from our festivities!
Angie with her cookies and pea pods for Santa

Angie and Nana (Brad's mom Lynn) telling the story of the Nativity with fisher price wee-people

Big happy family (minus Brad) at Christmas dinner

Update November

So to continue on my updating. November was a good month. A ton of projects for both Brad and I. We worked and went to school and ate and slept. That's basically it. The cold came early and froze us, but that is to be expected in Rexburg.
Lauren came out durring Thanksgiving break and spent a week with us! We had so much fun :)
On Thanksgiving I hosted my first Thanksgiving, which was exciting for me. The Mitchell's and their friend Ben came over which made six of us with Lauren. I think it turned out pretty fabulous. We had a good time!

So Lame at Blogging.. Update

So basically, I am the worst at blogging. the funny thing is that I totally read everyone else's blog every day. I guess the blog reading has made it impossible for me to have the time to write in my own. I am not even going to try to update you on everything Brad and I have been up to since the summer. But here's a basic update I suppose. I will go chronologically... Here is September and October
September: I was made Editor in Chief of the BYU-I Scroll which was pretty sweet and exciting :)
Brad and I went to Bannak, Montana to visit the ghost town and take some photos... Pictures form that trip can be found on my photography Web site : Krystal Woodard Photography

For Halloween I went to Austin, Texas for a journalism conference and learned some pretty cool things. I love that city. For anyone who has not been to Austin, put it on your list of must-sees. It is a really neat city filled with art, beauty, music, cool people, and great (spicy) food. Unfortunately, Brad didn't get to go with me...but he celebrated Halloween at home with the Harris' instead. Here are some pictures from my trip.

All of us at Amy's Ice Cream... sooo good

The beautiful bridge at Sunset that millions of bats fly out of every night. Once of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life!
Keli and I

All of us in front of Moonshine. It was really tasty. It is the same place President Bush's daughter's rehearsal dinner was.

The view from my hotel. What a beautiful city!

For more pictures from my trip see my photography blog Here