Wednesday, February 27, 2013

11 Months

I actually got pretty sad taking Kai's 11 month pictures, because it made me realize that I only have one more set of these monthly photos to go. The next monthly photo set will mark 1 year! I can't believe it. He is definitely starting to act like a 1 year old now, attitude and funny personality included. This month:
  • He mastered climbing. Nothing is safe anymore. 
  • He also mastered buttons. He loves to push all the buttons on the DVD player, the Wii, and our stereo system. I am nervous he is going to blow a fuse by turning everything on at once.
  • He thinks he is hilarious. He does stuff all of the time to crack himself up. 
  • He is all about sound effects. He growls, makes funny noises, sings and hums to himself, etc. He seems to discover a new noise he can make everyday. 
  • He now has 6 teeth, two of which are small pointed teeth like I had pre-orthodonture. He uses those teeth to chew on EVERYTHING. I am not sure when the mouthing stage is over, but I am personally done dealing with it. He especially thinks I am a fun chew toy, but won't bite Brad, even when Brad bates him. I don't understand.
  • He still loves music and dances and signs anytime it comes on. 
  • He loves to be a faker. He will fake cough or cry or choke just for a reaction.
  • He still isn't walking without help, but can stand on his own and pushes furniture around the house to get where he wants.
  • He is so smart. He amazes me with the things he figures out. I will put 5 pieces of furniture in front of the TV so he can't get to it, and he will figure a way to move them or push them at just the right angle that he gets over or on top of stuff to get to the TV.
  • He is actually pretty obedient. If I tell him to put away his toys, he will put them all in their baskets for me. (Then get them right back out, but that is beside the point.)
  • He doesn't like the snow. We tried to make him a snow baby with the recent blizzard, but he wasn't having it.
  • He is still very mild-tempered. It is rare to see him have a melt-down or get super upset about something. I know, we are lucky.
  • He is down to one nap a day :( but he is sleeping really well at night, and even going to bed at 99 now instead of 1 a.m. like he used to. Also, he lets me know it is nap time by bringing me his blanket and pacifier...pretty adorable.
  • He loves to mimic. He will brush his hair, brush his teeth, pretend to put mascara on like mommy, basically anything I do, he will do. He also mimics words from time to time.
  • He learned the word "yeah" not "yes" but "yeah". If you ask him something and he wants to respond with a "yes" he gives a super laid-back, matter-of-fact "yeah" as his answer. He still says "don't", "momma", "dad", "no" and every once in awhile he'll say a random word we haven't heard, and then not say it again for weeks.
  • He LOVES his Dad. When it is time to pick Brad up at the train I will ask Kai if he wants to go get Dad and he will get super excited, squeal and kick his legs, and then start yelling "dadadadadadadadadadada." 
  • He loves to give hugs and kisses. Poor Keeva can't escape his kisses fast enough. 
  • He understands the word "no" for sure. When you tell him no, or to stop doing something, he usually throws whatever he has up in the air and gives you a dirty look. Stinker. 
Sorry that was ridiculously long. I want to remember everything about my baby at each age before he gets too big. Here are the photos: