Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winter in the Northeast

"Winter is not that bad," they said. "It didn't even snow last year," they said. "You lived in Idaho and Michigan, so northeast winter will be nothing for you," the said. They were WRONG. We started off the winter with a freak snowstorm in October. Then, we got hit with Hurricane Sandy. After that, there was a huge Christmas blizzard, a second blizzard, and then it all melted away. Just when I was getting a little tired of the snow, nor'easter Nemo hit. I thought Nemo was a cute little Disney fish...nope. It was by far, one of the craziest storms we had ever seen. In 24 hours, we got 3ft of snow! 
Brad was out of work for a few days because we couldn't even get the car out. Keeva was loving it, running around and getting stuck everywhere, and Kai was not as keen on it. The whole experience was pretty fun, but insane. We camped out inside, took some adventures outside to play, and just enjoyed the time together.
After this massive snow melted, we had another blizzard (aout 1.5 feet) a few weeks later! It has been kind of fun...I will say though, if I never have to go through a winter like this again, I wouldn't be sad. I am pretty sick and tired of the snow/hurricanes for sure!

This was every few hours from about 4 p.m. to 8 a.m.

 Kai and at the back door
Tree in front of the house 
Parking lot, that is our car with the wipers up 
 After-math in the neighborhood
 Front door
 Kai didn't really like it
 Keeva was so excited
 This is why we couldn't leave for a few days
 Yes, that is snow lined above the window
Exit of the parking lot

St. Patrick's Day 2013

St. Patty's Day in the Woodard home is a pretty big deal. It fell on a Sunday this year, so we unfortunately missed the parade downtown due to church. That didn't stop us from getting all suited up in our green gear and having an Irish feast, finished off with my famous beer cupcakes with Irish cream frosting. Yummm. 

 Soda bread, corned beef, cabbage soup, and ginger beer

 Even Keeva joined in on the fun

Easter Sunday

Easter weekend in Boston could not have been more beautiful! It was the warmest it has been since the fall and the sun was shining the whole time. We went down to Providence, RI for lunch on Saturday and spent the afternoon walking around the city. It was a much needed relaxing day of soaking up the sun. 
Today, I felt like the Earth was celebrating the Savior's resurrection with us! It was almost 60 degrees and gorgeous outside. We went to church and then spent the afternoon as a family eating good food, watching some basketball, taking a nice nap, and letting Keeva run around in the sunshine. It couldn't have been a lovelier weekend. 
Little man in his Easter suit

 Daddy and Kai

Mommy and Kai
 Easter basket opening

1 Year Old!

We made it! It's been a full year! I'm still a little bit in shock about the whole thing. One year ago we were overwhelmed and overjoyed to welcome this little boy into our lives, and now, a year later, we feel pretty much the same. He is such a sweet, fun, happy little guy. We are so blessed!
Last week (on his actual b-day the 20th) we had a Skype "party" with his Nana and Papa (Woodard), and Grandpa and Lola (Austin), Grandma and Grandpa (Smart) sadly couldn't make it. Kai opened presents and daintily picked at his carrot cake for his online audience. Technology is pretty awesome. We are planning on having a birthday lunch with all of our Boston friends in a couple weeks once flu/holidays/conference are over. 
Here are the 1 year pictures and stats:
  • He stopped getting taller in order to gain a little weight. He is still my skinny-mini in the 6th percentile for weight but taller than ever in the 75th percentile. He has to wear 18month pants to fit his long legs, but then they fall off his waist. :/
  • He hates rice. It's really the only food I can't get him to eat. If it even touches his mouth he starts spitting everywhere.
  • He loves coconut milk. We decided to give that to him as a healthy alternative to whole milk, and he can't get enough. He is still nursing though, so I think it might have something to do with the sweetness being similar to breast milk. 
  • He's my little helper. He likes to sit on the counter while I cook and hand me all of my make-up and hair stuff when I'm getting ready. He also puts his toys away in the basket when I tell him too. Awesome. 
  • He is learning to communicate better. No, he's not talking, instead he signs or signals what he wants. He hands me his blanket when he's ready for bed, he signs "eat," "more," and "all done," and even lets us know when his diaper is dirty (though we can usually smell it).
  • He hides now to do his business. I think this is so funny because every little kid I know has done this. Usually he is in a corner behind something or in his castle from Lola and Grandpa. 
  • He loves to clap. He claps for everything and everyone.
  • He has 8 teeth! They never stop coming in. 
  • He loves his baseball cap and sunglasses. Sometimes when we are getting ready to walk out the door, he will go find his cap and try to put it on. 
  • He is non-stop playing and energy. Even with the flu, he never slowed down long enough to quit playing. 
  • He is the easiest, happy-go-lucky kid I ever met. His fussy equates to a quiet whine and grumpy face from time to time. When he was sick, he would throw up, we would clean him up, and then he would smile, give you a hug, and go back to playing. I don't know how we got so lucky!
  • He still doesn't walk. All in good time.
  • He blows on his food. I don't think he trusts that I'm not going to burn him so even the cold stuff gets blown on.
  • He mimics everything we do.
  • He sings and dances a lot. This isn't new, but he doesn't even more often.
  • His puppy his his best friend, even if she doesn't want to be. He lays on her, holds onto her to walk around the house, gives her kisses when she tries to escape, plays peek-a-boo with her. I love it.
  • He has been giving kisses for a few months now, but now he also blows kisses. :)
  • I feel like he is really losing his babyness and once he is walking it will be all gone. He is a little cuddle monster though and I hope he never grows out of that so I have my baby forever!