Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lake Winnipesaukee

Last weekend Brad and I decided head up to Lake Winnipesaukee for the day. If you haven't heard of  Lake Winnipesaukee, the you probably haven't seen "What About Bob," and need to check out this clip. Unfortunately, we found out that the movie wasn't even filmed there. Lame. Regardless it was fun and the little beach towns were like something out of my childhood in the 90's. 
After spending the day soaking up the sun, eating more ice cream than we should ever consume, and having the best fish sandwich and fries (not to mention homemade potato salad and baked beans) that we have ever had, we decided that one day was not going to be enough and found a cottage to stay the night. It was seriously the best spontaneous trip. 

 It took some coaxing but Kai eventually liked the sand
 Yes, that is a SMALL ice cream!
 Train station on the water
 Dinner cruise boat
 The main part of Weirs Beach had bumper carts, and arcade, and lots of yummy food.
 The open beach.
 It was the weekend before the season started so we had the place to ourselves.
 This was before Kai learned to like the sand.
 Still getting used to it. 

 Best food ever. 

 Soaking up the sun.

 The boy and his daddy.

 We decided to go to the drive-in and see Iron Man 3 and Oz.
 Evidently, not many people come to the drive-in pre-season. 
 Our little drive-in nest.

 Because it was an impromptu trip we had to buy essentials (toothbrushes)
 This was the most random little cottage ever, but it worked. 
 Keeva loved the trip.
 The front of our little cottage
 Cutie patootie liked our trip too. 
 He gets some crazy bed hair
 I love this shaggy-haired boy
Beautiful, fun trip

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Lynn said...

Oh that looked like an amazing trip! So glad you got wonderful photos to go along with those wonderful memories!
Love and miss you guys!