Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Festival

This morning, when we went to take Keeva outside and had to run back in for a sweater, I knew it...fall is here! Even in hot Texas, it was cold! What an amazing feeling. In celebration, we decided to go a community fall festival down the street. It was small, but fun, and Kai enjoyed picking out his own little pumpkin. It was a perfect fall day.
 Look at that handsome man and his beautiful beard

 Kai loved his pumpkin
 Grabbing his face when embarrassed/silly/upset is Kai's new thing

Popcorn and a pumpkin, what could be better?


alyssa said...

nothing's better than popcorn and pumpkins! i would love to go to texas in the fall

Lynn said...

I still remember last Fall with you guys in Boston. I am really having a hard time having you guys soooo far away. We miss you sooooooooo much. Thanks for doing your blog because in some small way we feel like we are there. Love ya!

amy amy said...

so cute! Thanks sharing this article