Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kai is 4 months old!

My baby is four months old. There is something very sad but also so awesome about that. I feel like every day he wakes up and is an inch taller and so much older. He is such a happy, chill, and smart little guy. Even though he is only four months old, he recently grew into his 6-8mo clothes. Crazy kid.

  • At his last appointment he was in the 39th percentile for weight and in the 99th percentile for height. We are working on fattening him up so those numbers get closer together. 
  • He moves a lot. He rolls and scoots wherever he wants to go. He refuses to use his arms though so he scoots his body with his legs and drags his arms and face along with him. 
  • Kai and his toes are best friends, and you cannot separate them.
  • We can make him laugh pretty easily and if he's not laughing, he is smiling.
  • He has discovered his voice and likes to see how loud he can get. He even makes syllable noises and says "la" "ma" "da" "do" "doe" and recently "blaaaa". It is pretty funny.
  • Kai is a faker. He can fake laugh, fake cough, and do weird things with his breath when he is bored. He coughs when he wants attention and then grins when he gets his way. 
  • Keeva and Kai are starting to be more interested in each other. Pretty cute.
 Not a baby anymore
 Caught playing with his toes
 Mid laugh
 Big boy
 Just chillin'
 Hi smiley
 No good at holding still
Oh hi toes

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pool Time

Brad is currently working from home until our move to Boston next month. We love having him home, and whether he likes to admit it or not, he loves it too. When Brad took a break for lunch yesterday, we decided to go to our apartment pool to cool off and give Kai his first pool experience.
Me, being the overprotective mother that I am, made Kai wear a hat, his sunglasses, a TON of sunscreen on his cute white legs, and an SPF 50 water shirt. I will not have a burnt baby if it kills me (or him). Thank goodness he loves his sunglasses and hat. 
Kai was a little unsure about the water at first, but after a minute of staring at it in confusion, he really started to love it and couldn't get enough. We will for sure be back out there soon. Please excuse our scarily white skin...I swear we live in California and do see the sun. 
Getting ready to get in, look at those cute boys! 
 Testing it out with his hands first
 Trying to figure out what mommy was putting him in
 Brads hair is growing so long. I love it. He hates it. 
He loved standing on our chests as we zoomed around the water

Lately: June/July

The last month has been crazy. Between traveling, making moving plans, traveling again and making more moving plans, we haven't had time to breathe. We are now waiting for Brad's sister Lauren to get here for the week :). I swear I am going to post on our awesome trip to Yakima, I just have to steal the pics off of Brad's computer.
So here is what we have been up to this month (sans trips):

 Some trips to the beach (it was windy, don't judge)
 Lots of walks in the neighborhood 
 And smiles during those walks...he LOVES being outside
 A trip to the aquarium 

We like the jelly fish best 
 Kai's first time on a boat (taking a nap)
 Some major cuddling watching movies
 A lot of sleepy moments 
 Too much looking like a big boy
 Some Keeva watching comedians
 Tons of passing out in random positions
 Trips to Costco in the sling
And some strangeness when a mexican woman served us fries and a frosty dressed like Wendy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Vacation: Kirkland

 So as I mentioned before, we headed up to Washington last month to go to my brother Brandon's graduation and visit family. There is waaaay to much to post so I am going to separate the Kirkland trip and the Yakima trip into two posts. So we will start with Kirkland.
We had so much fun spending time with Brad's family hanging out, going downtown Seattle and antiquing in Snohomish. Kai loved being with his Nana, Papa and meeting his Aunt, Uncles and cousins.
 Dinner at a sushi bar...Kai was really interested in the moving belt of fish
 Kai, Papa and Nana at the sushi bar
 Antiquing in Snohomish (idk why Angie is behind the pole)
 Adorable Jenny
We even got to meet up with my cousins Catrina and Capri who I hadn't seen in years!
 Adding to the Pike's Place gum wall (gross)
 Brad and Kai's contribution
 The girls loved Keeva's kennel...Keeva didn't love that they loved it haha
Pretend puppies
The family antiquing in Snohomish (Amy is taking the picture) 

Boston Bound...the preview

So the rumors are true, we are moving to Boston. It happened so quickly that we haven't really had time to take it in, let alone blog about it. Brad's new employer, Arnold Worldwide, called him up about a month ago and asked if they could fly him out for an "interview" and let him check out their studio. He thought it sounded fun, so he went. We in no way thought it would lead to anything...but here we are, moving to Boston. Basically, they gave us an offer we couldn't refuse (plus we always like a new adventure). 
Last week, Arnold Worldwide flew is all out from 4 days to check out the city and find housing. I LOVE BOSTON! It is beautiful and so much fun, culture, and history all in one city. We are really excited for this move and we found a beautiful townhome in a community called Brookline right outside of the city. There are cobblestone streets, trees everywhere, sailboats in the harbor, and cathedrals everywhere you look. Seriously, amazing. The offer is open for anyone who wants to come visit! 

 I tried lobster for the first time. It was good but scary and way to "full-animal-staring-at-you" for me. 
 Kai snuggled in the sling a lot...oh, to be a baby
 This is the public gardens in the center of the city
 my slobbery boy at lunch
 The hotel staff arranged Kai's stuffed animals all cute for us..too funny
 One of the many cathedrals 
 Another cathedral right downtown
 The hotel gave Kai this lobster that is as big as him, we named him Lenox after the hotel
 Welcome to Boston, our new home
Kai's first plan ride

Side note: Kai did so well on the plane. The first take-off he actually smiled and giggled a little. He slept on landing and then on take-off of the next flight too. He just played and slept pretty much the whole time and everyone around him thought he was so cute and well behaved. Then came the last flight. Luckily it was only an hour from Phoenix to OC because he screamed the entire time. He refused to eat, he refused to sleep, he just did a pained scream for an hour. It was so sad. But hey, of two 5.5 hour flights and two 1 hour flights if he only screamed for an hour total, I can't complain. Success. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kai's Blessing

When we were up in Washington a few weeks ago (a full post on that to come) we blessed Kai at Brad's parent's house. It was a beautiful blessing and it was so awesome to be surrounded by family and feel all of their love and support. Kai was silent the whole time and just took it all in. 
After the blessing we had a big family BBQ and celebrated an early father's day. It was a wonderful day. 
Us with Grandpa and Lola

Us with the full Woodard clan (minus Lauren who was at school)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th

We took the opportunity to do absolutely nothing yesterday. Hey, that is what we live in a free country for, right? Brad has been working his butt of on freelance projects and I have been super busy lately...so we slept in, watched movies, ate In-N-Out (we had to have burgers) and basically stayed in our PJ's all day. 
We meant to go watch fireworks but Keeva was shaking so bad that we decided to cuddle with her and open all of the windows to watch the fireworks people were shooting in the street outside our apartment. Poor puppy was so scared. Kai loved them though.

 Keeva hiding from the fireworks
 All the craziness outside was just too much excitement for Kai
 Cute boy showing off his outfit from Grandma Kim
 Doing his patriotic dance
 Such a happy boy
Assuming the position - mouth open ready to eat everything in sight 

Can't wait for next year when Kai can really get a kick out of the fireworks...and maybe next year we will actually do something on the 4th. God Bless America!